Who We Are

BunkTown is Dalton Markrush on bass, Ephraim Lowell on drums and vocals, Mark Gentile on guitar and Michael Gravel on guitar and vocals.
Providence, RI
Ephraim owns many awards, including winning best drummer in New England many times. Ephraim is also inducted in the Rhode Island Music Hall Of Fame!
Ephraim Lowell – Drums
Ephraim Lowell has been on the music scene since he was just a kid, playing all over the world and making his name known in the business. He was the award winning drummer for the world famous “Roomful Of Blues” from 2006 to 2012. And he has played with the likes of Luther Guitar Jr Johnson, Monster Mike Welch, Kan-Tu Blues Band, J Geils, and Charles Neville, just to name a few. He brings a huge sound to this band. With his influences being rooted in British Invasion, and old rock and roll. But the blues sense is still there, and with that is a nice combo of feels and fills.
Mike Gravel – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Gravel brings a very unique voice and guitar style to this project. His song writing is a force to be reckoned with. With influences such as, Ryan Adams, The Beatles, Harry Nillson And Graham Parsons, his songs sing of instant classics.
Mark Gentile- Guitar
Mark Gentile brings an incredible talent as well, with his blistering leads, and great sense of music in general, He compliments Mike’s guitar like they have playing together for 20 years.
Dalton Markrush – Bass
Dalton Markrush, as the youngest member, brings a fresh vibe into this project. His playing is far beyond his years. Playing every note just right and picking all the good ones, he just grooves like no other.